Hiring a skip hire Dublin for waste collection does not mean you can put everything you want to throw or dispose. But this is not the case, there are many things which you cannot put into the skip. You will often find numerous guidelines attached with the skip by the hiring companies which includes what is allowed and what is not allowed. So, when you go for skip hire this should be in your mind for what you want it.

In general, a skip is designed to collect and take the general waste. The waste can be rubble from a building project, waste from garden cutting or renovation or old waste furniture while house clearance or moving. The problem comes when you have some waste which comes under the category of “specialist waste”. This includes anything that is extreme hazardous to be disposed at a standard refuse site. So, now the question is what these hazardous wastes are?

There is a list of item below which comes under this category and so cannot be thrown into a skip.


It has potential damaging nature so it requires specialist handling and should certainly not be thrown along with the general waste. This was generally found in the older properties

Paint and Solvents

You have to contact with the companies who are specially dealing in the disposal of such liquids to get them disposed properly. Never put them into a skip for disposal whatever amount of surplus of these liquids you have.


Every government have their own rules regarding the disposal of electrical itmes. But most of the skip hire companies won’t be willing to take any such equipment. Electrical items include televisions, computer displays and numerous others. Make sure about this with the hiring skip hire company.


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