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Hiring a skip hire Dublin for waste collection does not mean you can put everything you want to throw or dispose. But this is not the case, there are many things which you cannot put into the skip. You will often find numerous guidelines attached with the skip by the hiring companies which includes what is allowed and what is not allowed. So, when you go for skip hire this should be in your mind for what you want it.

In general, a skip is designed to collect and take the general waste. The waste can be rubble from a building project, waste from garden cutting or renovation or old waste furniture while house clearance or moving. The problem comes when you have some waste which comes under the category of “specialist waste”. This includes anything that is extreme hazardous to be disposed at a standard refuse site. So, now the question is what these hazardous wastes are?

There is a list of item below which comes under this category and so cannot be thrown into a skip.


It has potential damaging nature so it requires specialist handling and should certainly not be thrown along with the general waste. This was generally found in the older properties

Paint and Solvents

You have to contact with the companies who are specially dealing in the disposal of such liquids to get them disposed properly. Never put them into a skip for disposal whatever amount of surplus of these liquids you have.


Every government have their own rules regarding the disposal of electrical itmes. But most of the skip hire companies won’t be willing to take any such equipment. Electrical items include televisions, computer displays and numerous others. Make sure about this with the hiring skip hire company.


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When construction, renovation or demolition going on some site, a skip is always present there. If it is not, there is no good reason behind that.

If you find large amount of rubbish starts pilling up around your place, and making the working condition cramp, you simply think to shift the home from that place to some other place without ever try to deal with the condition. To overcome from this problem and shifting from one place to another every now and then, hire a skip. Having skip around your place, give chance to collect all your waste at one place and helping you to keep your surroundings and the place clean to give a pleasant look.

Skip Hire Dublin service is the one which is beneficial for all, especially for the ones who are in need of major clear out. This service is frequently used for both the personal and the commercial ones.

The main advantage of hiring a skip is its flexibility. Like, it is not just that it is delivered to your place from the hiring company but also it is picked by them when you call them to do so and dispose the content for you. Skips are available in various sizes, one can hire the size as per the amount of debris it has. For instance, if you are hiring one for your personal or for clearing out your home or garage, you need to hire a smaller skip than the one which is hired for clearing out the entire commercial building. This service is worth for the money you are investing in it.

Let’s see a situation, when you are moving to a smaller home than the one in which you are living, you need to downsize the possessions you have with you. To do this, you need to clutter the things which are not of any use and you start collecting them in a room. After collecting all you have to fill your car with that and go to the local council dump and dispose the waste their before continuing with the rest of the house. Here if you have a skip out side home then you just have to dump the things in that and the people will come and take that away. Skip hire make your work easy and efficient.

Garbage accumulation is a great problem always. Also, there are number of more problems associated with this problem. For instant, if you have a large number of family members in your family, the waste accumulated is also large in quantity/ This will demand the daily disposal of the waste properly otherwise it may create lot of more problems. Usually, the household waste is collected in garbage bags and keeping those bags daily outside so that the local council people collect and dispose them.

The problem arises when these local council people do not arrive or the waste collected at your home is very large, you just do not always wait for them and keep the garbage at your place. Skip Hire is such a product came into market which solves this problem. These skips can be used both for the household purposes and for the commercial purposes. You just have to contact to a skip hire company like skip hire Dublin and order the skip of the size you may require. They will bring the skip to your place and keep it outside. You just have to throw the waste in it and when it get filed to the brim, call them on the number mentioned on the skip. The company will send the van or the truck to take the skip from your place without any hassle.

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Maintaining cleanliness around you is must. A vital part of maintaining your surrounding clean is to do proper disposal of the waste you generated. Always keep your surroundings clean and hygienic, whether it is your home or your office (workplace). If you do not maintain the cleanliness, you will be grabbed by lots of diseases and aliments. If you have waste which includes food items, dirt and dust, the decomposition of those stale food items generate harmful bacteria around you and will result in health disorders. This is the reason why it is important to ensure ourselves regarding the proper disposal of wastage every day or twice a week accumulated during the period. The most common method of disposing the waste properly is the Skip Hire Dublin.

This is a service in which the large metal waste collectors are located at a place which is easily reachable by all the people around and not affecting the people going through the way. These large waste collectors can collect tons of waste in them. Now, the day is chosen to empty it every week before it gets overloaded and waste dropping outside it. If you hired Skip Hire Dublin, you can consult the company with the size you will be required as per the approximate waste you collect every week. You just do not have to do anything, the whole responsibility so cleaning the skips is of the hired company now.

There are many other options available to this system. One of them is having the jumbo bags, which also work in the same manner. These jumbo bags are heavy duty bags, which are also used to carry the construction wastage/house wastage also and carry approximate 1.5 tons of waste. This is having an advantage of flexibility over the skip hire service in a way that waste disposal can be done on one’s own assessment. These are providing 24 hour toll free service; you just have to place a request when your bag is full. They send the waste carrying vehicle within 12 hour and will take away the bag from your place.  This means that if you miss the day’s normal waste disposal, you should not be stuck with mountains of waste until the next time the truck arrives.

I believe both the jumbo bag service and the Skip hire Dublin service have their own benefits, as skip hire is useful if the waste collection is of the community or the big family while the former one is useful when the amount of waste collected is less and for individual use.

If you make a kind of extension or demolition project in your home or if you are downsizing, then it might be important for you to rent a skip to get away the waste. If you are not able to transport all your waste collected from your home, it is always recommended to call the skip hiring companies to help you.

The introduction of more and more stricter rules, by the local councils and the government converts the simple and easier life into a complex one. In addition to all the rules of transporting, the requirement of all the waste to be processed before land filling makes it even terrible. 

Some simple tips which will help you out from the future hassles during the waste removal process are mentioned below.

The first and the foremost thing which will come to your mind is; what size you are going to need.  This is very important decision and so need to be correct. Have advice from the people who already used this service, and also it is better to be on safer side by hiring a size bigger than you think you need. It will cost you a little more but will surely avoid the hassles which will come if the waste doesn’t fit into the ordered skip. It is always better to discuss it with the company you will be dealing.

However, while choosing the Skip Hire Dublin Company, make sure that you are getting the deal on a fairer price with the satisfactory services. Also make sure that the company is not disposing the waste illegally anywhere.

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